Figs and parma ham tartlets, summer recipe

Figs and parma ham tartlets

These mouth watering figs and parma ham tartlets really bring together foods which are very different to each other. There is the contrast of the sweet figs against the salty parma ham. Then the softness of the fruit as opposed to the crunchiness of the phyllo shells. Yet they are so incredibly nice for a light antipasto or snack!

Figs and parma ham tartlets, summer recipe, Light & Yummy

Often parma ham is combined with melon: who loves Italian food is surely familiar with the starter “prosciutto e melone”. But less people know that also figs are very nice with parma ham, in fact I like this combination even more! I also wanted to add some sort of carbohydrate to this recipe, for completeness. Therefore I thought to use a basic recipe I just wrote recently, and combine figs and parma ham into Phyllo shells:

Phyllo shells, basic recipe, Light & Yummy

Phyllo shells are very low in points/calories and very versatile with sweet or savoury fillings. Perfect for this recipe!

Figs and parma ham tartlets – the recipe


Type: Light dishes
Portions: 1 (3 tartlets)
Preparation time: 10 min (plus 20-25 min for the Phyllo shells)
Cooking time: n/a
Difficulty: easy
Weight Watchers ProPoints per portion: 4


3 Phyllo shells (click for recipe)
2 fresh and ripe figs
30 g light cream cheese
30 g parma ham, fat removed (about 3 thin slices)

N.B.: phyllo shells can be made in advance and prepared just before serving.


Wash the figs and peel nearly all of them, reserving some to slice for decoration. Cut them in slices and slightly squash some of it with a fork. Weight the other ingredients and divide everything in 3 portions.

Figs and parma ham tartlets, summer recipe, Light & Yummy

Roll a slice of parma ham in a cone shape and insert in one phyllo shell. Fill with one portion of cream cheese and repeat for the other two shells. Put in each shell a little figs pulp and then the figs slices, with and without peel, using a bit of creativity to make them look nice!

Figs and parma ham tartlets, summer recipe, Light & Yummy

Well… the pictures say very clearly how attractive these little tartlets are. And of course they are also so light. Perfect to offer as finger food during a garden party in summer or also as a starter, no guilt attached!

Figs and parma ham tartlets, summer recipe, Light & Yummy

Yummy eating!

by Giovanna Buono 

Extra Information

Try this recipe for a refreshing summer lunch: serve 3 Figs and parma ham tartlets with a mixed leaves green salad dressed with balsamic vinegar!

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